Monday, 10 February 2014


Just a few pictures from ZIM4x4's activities in 2013 - not necessarily the 'exhibition shots', just those that evoke memories of a lot of enjoyable times on safari in the Zambezi Valley and on Lake Kariba. Taken by Sally (Canon SX500IS) and Dick (Canon 30D). 

Our year begins at Mana, in January 2013, with hundreds of elephants gathering near the Zambezi to feast on the beautifully green new grass.

The pans are full, birdlife is prolific, wildlife is regaining condition after the harsh dry season, and the warties are having babies.

The rains end, the dry season sets in, and winter is coming. A dozing elephant wakes up; a hippo wears a hyacinth overcoat against the morning chill; young Christopher Clarkson (below) catches his first-ever fish while on safari with us; and Sally takes this charming photo of a tree squirrel.

Hazy mornings on Lake Kariba...

...lion 'bookends' in Mana Pools; and the lower part of the Sohwe Falls, in the Mavuradonha Wilderness Area.

We visit a lovely new venue - Kavinga Camp, on the Rukomechi River in Mana Pools, close to the hills that flank the Zambezi Valley.

Dry-season dust in Mana, above, and ellies on the Matusadona shoreline (below)

Carmine bee-eaters and wild dogs (above) - just two of the species we love to see on safari.

Mana's enchanted woodlands (above) - the quintessential Mana Pools.

Great times, just sittin' and watchin' - rewarded, in this case, by a young male's 'flehmen' exhibition as he walks past the window of our car.
Another great new place: Nyamuomba Camp, which gives easy access to the spectacular scenery (and fishing!) in the Kariba Gorge.

The end of a great safari with the Clarkson family.

Birthday breakfast for Judith ffrench-Constant on board the Taipan.

                                                                                                Alex du Plessis catches a trophy fish!

Laura Marthinusen and Sue Hudson (above) in the Mavuradonha Wilderness Area; and evocative photos of the Zambezi at Mana Pools (below). Doesn't matter when you go - it's always amazingly beautiful.

Finally, December 2013 at Mana Pools, just before the rains begin, with the Park all to ourselves - and looking forward to taking more ZIM4x4 photos in 2014!

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